Best outdoor summer kitchen ideas in 2017

Idea of little outside summer kitchen that is modern

You want to accommodate an outdoor kitchen design that is modern and in case you are fortunate to have a garden, you’ll be able to use for this particular function a corner of the patio. Modern kitchens were accompanying backyard furniture give you the opportunity to cook while chewing the fat with your partner while they play outside or observing the children. Like organizing garden parties? In this event, this was an ideal option for you personally and your garden. The business of outdoor parties is a lot more easy using a kitchen was modern. This corner of the exterior will give you the ability to cook while staying among pals.

Chalkboard Wall

So it could readily be moved, this free-standing outside kitchen device, created by by the bloggers behind The Horticult, was built on wheels. A a huge chalkboard wall is the best spot to write menus and to do lists.


Five tales above Brooklyn, a tarpaper roof became a gourmet cooking area with views of the Nyc skyline. The true magic is provided by the drink station, although the the room is anchored by a charcoal grill. A slide-away cutting board and insulated ice bin make mojitos simple.

Kitchen countertop marble

Shed some mild on the specific situation.

Don’t count on on normal sunlight alone for your own space. How’s this for a backyard kitchen idea? Add overhead lighting — recessed cans, pendant lamps, etc. — to mild your space at night. You may also increase air flow by the addition of a ceiling fan with a lamp. This lavish patio from Anaheim utilizes track lights to emphasize its features all.

Summer Amusing

This Nantucket outdoor kitchen is the best place to amuse—this one features a grill, cook-tops, a fridge, a sink, as well as a pizza oven.

Refrigerated Drawers

Tucked away in a little Chicago yard, this outdoor kitchen setup demonstrates that you don’t want lots of outdoor space for a kitchen that is functional and stylish. A stacked two-fridge door keeps beer and other refreshments at the ready.

Make it a fullservice kitchen.

You’ll desire plumbing pipes and electrical cables for cooker and the sink to finish your full support kitchen, should you’d like a backyard kitchen beyond only a grill. What this means is you’ll need to dig up your yard and part of your house to run out the lines, which will cost extra. Plan your budget accordingly. You are able to make a space feel such as an indoor kitchen using a wall sconce; it will even help conceal your wiring and pipes.